Refined Sustainability: Ethique’s Soapbox Journey
with Afterconcepts

Ethique, a brand synonymous with eco-conscious products, aimed to embody its ethos of sustainability in a new soapbox. Entrusting this vision to Afterconcepts, a narrative of meticulous industrial and mechanical design unfolded. Afterconcepts transitioned the concept into a production-ready product, showcasing and essence of sustainable engineering that resonates with Ethique’s core values.

Working with Afterconcepts

Comprehensive Development Expertise

Offering a blend of industrial and mechanical design acumen to transition concepts into production-ready assets.


Accelerating the prototyping phase with a precision that drives closer to marketreadines

Strategic Product

Tailoring a roadmap from ideation to realization, ensuring alignment with business objectives.


Visual Harmony

A blend of aesthetic allure and functional precision,mirroring Ethique’s sustainable ethos.


Eco-Conscious Design​

A testament to sustainable engineering, aligning with Ethique’s green philosophy.​​

User Experience​

Effortless Interaction​

Designed for intuitive use, enhancing the everyday user engagement.​


Structural Integrity​

Engineered for durability while embodying a sleek, eco-conscious design​​

Advanced Prototyping and Seamless Design


with Afterconcepts


Faster Prototyping
Accelerated design phases, ensuring
a swifter route to market readines


Cost Efficiency
Achieved through intelligent design, reducing
material waste and optimizing production


Enhanced Durability​
Ensuring the soapbox withstands the test of
time, reflecting quality engineering.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial: Partnering with Afterconcepts was the turning point in the journey of creating our camping utility box, the EverCamp Pro. We had an idea and a rudimentary design, but it was the expertise and finesse of Afterconcepts that brought our vision to life.

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