A Multifunctional Camping Box that has Redefined
Outdoor Convenience

In their mission to elevate the camping experience, our client sought the expertise of Afterconcepts. They had a vision – a state-of-the-art camping utility box. After two years of development and refinement, they turned to us for our experience in industrial and mechanical design. We stepped in to refine the design and prepare it for production, creating the unique and game-changing EverCamp Pro. This multifunctional camping box has redefined outdoor convenience, setting a new benchmark for camping essentials.

Working with Afterconcepts

Customer-Centric Design

We prioritize end-user needs in our designs, ensuring your products resonate with the target audience, thereby driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

End-to-End Development

We offer comprehensive development services, from conceptualization to production, ensuring a seamless product lifecycle.

Robust Product Strategy

We understand the market dynamics and help you strategize effectively to deliver products that cater to real customer needs.


Sleek Design, Rugged Performance

Impeccably designed with a rugged aesthetic, EverCamp Pro is both visually striking and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.


Captivating Design

Striking balance between form and function, we refined the skateboard’s aesthetics to appeal to a broad audience.


Multiple Functions, One Box

From a grill to a cutting board to utensils, the EverCamp Pro houses all your culinary needs in one rugged box


Your Portable Kitchen

Despite its numerous functions, the EverCamp Pro maintains high portability, making it easy to carry along on all your adventures

User Experience

Ingenious Engineering for Outdoors

Crafted with meticulous engineering, the EverCamp Pro is resilient, functional, and tailor-made for the challenges of the great outdoors


Redefining Camping Cuisine

Through innovative design and features, the EverCamp Pro revolutionizes the way meals are prepared and enjoyed in the great outdoors

A Seamless Outdoor Culinary Experience
With EverCamp Pro


with Afterconcepts


Cost Reduction
Resource optimization and strategic
planning that cut down overall
product development costs.


Improvement in Product Durability
Enhanced engineering design leading
to increased product life and


Faster time to market cloud computing
Accelerated development process to
get your product in the hands of
customers sooner.

How to Start

We’re here to help you find the
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