Indôr: Making the InvisibleVisible,

Crafted by Afterconcepts for Vizaeras

In their quest for healthier indoor environments, Vizaeras aligned with Afterconcepts. Drawing on Afterconcepts’ expertise in industrial design, engineering, and prototyping, a new beacon in air quality monitoring – the Indôr – came to life. This pioneering device elevates our understanding and interaction with indoor air, providing real-time insights with unprecedented simplicity. With this collaboration, Vizaeras and Afterconcepts have not merely delivered an innovative product, but set a new industry standard for air quality monitoring, shaping the future of indoor wellness.

Working with Afterconcepts

and Robust

Products that are not only smaller and lighter, but also stand up to the demands of the real world.

Design Efficiency

Streamlined design-to-prototype process for a quicker market entry.


Focusing on optimal user experience and market-fit during each stage of development.


Seamless Combination

Innovative design harmoniously combines a convenient passthrough plug, a subtle nightlight, and precise CO2 detection. Enjoy the convenience of direct power access without sacrificing valuable outlet space, while the gentle nightlight enhances ambiance and visibility during nighttime. Simultaneously, the integrated CO2 detection ensures a healthy indoor environment, empowering you to prioritize well-being.

Health and Safety Compliance

Indôr Keeps Indoor Spaces Safe


Seamlessly Integrated Design


Exceptional User Experience

Strategically placed top and bottom holes, our innovative design harnesses the power of light, visually indicating the air quality in real-time. The gentle illumination emanating from these openings serves as an intuitive guide, allowing users to effortlessly comprehend the indoor air quality at a glance. This seamless integration of light and design elevates the user experience, making monitoring and understanding indoor air quality an effortless and visually engaging process.

Accelerated Prototyping and Compact Design Unleashed


with Afterconcepts


Smaller Footprint
Ingenious packing solution lead to a lighter, yet more robust device.


More Durable
Comprohensive design process and rigorous prototyping,resulting in a product three time more resilent.


Less Prototyping Time
Aftersoncepts’ in house prototyping capabilities expedited the design process reducing the time by half.

Client Testimonials

“Afterconcepts was the perfect choice for our project and We are already using them again for our next project. Very professional, on time with deliverables, and at a very reasonable rate. The team is very knowledgeable and had great suggestions and solutions for any road blocks we encountered. 5 stars across the board.”

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