From Concept to Canvas: Afterconcepts’ Visualization in NASA’s CHAPEA Mission

Afterconcepts was enlisted by NASA to tackle a unique challenge for the CHAPEA mission: transforming the interior of a simulated habitat with realistic, high-definition visuals. Our job was straightforward but pivotal-model the environment, generate the renders, and produce final images for a large canvas that would reside inside the habitat. We navigated through the intricacies of the project, ensuring each render resonated with the mission’s objectives while adhering to the quality benchmarks.

Working with Afterconcepts

Innovative Product Strategy

Unleashing tailored solutions that navigate complex project landscapes, ensuring a seamless transition from testing to production.

Business Impact Realization

Our adeptness in visual engineering accelerates goal attainment, driving tangible value and advancing client visions.

Robust Development Framework

The synthesis of agile methodologies with cutting-edge technology, fostering a culture of excellence and timely deliverables.


Photorealistic Excellence

Transcending traditional visualization with photorealistic renders, breathing life into CHAPEA’s interior.

Visualization Accuracy

Precision Rendered

Achieved a high level of accuracy in visual rendering, ensuring a realistic representation of the simulated habitat.

Technological Innovation

Tech-Powered Visualization

Utilized cutting-edge technology to model and render the environment, pushing the boundaries of what’s visually possible.


Attention to Detail

Every render crafted with a keen eye for detail, ensuring alignment with the CHAPEA mission’s objectives.

Bridging Conceptual Gaps with
Photorealistic Precision


with Afterconcepts


Efficiency Gain
Streamlined visualization processes
leading to quicker project execution


Enhanced Precision
Improved accuracy in visual
rendering, aligning closely with
the mission’s objectives.


Quality Uplift
Higher precision and attention to
detail leading to improved quality of
Client Testimonials

Testimonial: Partnering with Afterconcepts was the turning point in the journey of creating our camping utility box, the EverCamp Pro. We had an idea and a rudimentary design, but it was the expertise and finesse of Afterconcepts that brought our vision to life.

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