A 2-wheel e-skates solution to assist in mobility

for all terrains

In their ambition to revolutionize urban mobility, Nife engaged the expertise of Afterconcepts. With a project that had been in development for two years, Afterconcepts brought their proficiency in industrial and mechanical design to refine and ready the product for production. The result was an innovation that redefines the skateboarding landscape – the All-Terrain E-Skateboard. This trailblazing product not only provides exceptional performance and interactivity but also sets a new benchmark in personal transportation. Nife has been able to not only deliver a groundbreaking product but also to influence the future direction of urban commuting.

Working with Afterconcepts


Agile methodologies enabling faster time-to-market and accelerated innovation cycles.

Holistic Design Perspective

Integrated design approach focusing on longevity and enhanced user experience.


Collaboration-centric model facilitating alignment with business objectives and market demands.


Wireless AWD

Integrating wireless AWD, we enhanced the skateboard’s performance and adaptability, offering superior control in various environments.


Captivating Design​

Striking balance between form and function, we refined the skateboard’s aesthetics to appeal to a broad audience.


Large Tyres

Our choice of large tyres resulted in greater stability, ensuring safety and confidence in every ride.


Modular Design

Through our modular design approach, we made the skateboard easy to repair, enhancing product longevity and promoting sustainability.

User Experience​

Seamless Maneuverability

Incorporating a unique turning mechanism, we ensured riders enjoy smooth, skateboard-like turns while maintaining stability.


Robust Construction

We focused on strengthening the skateboard’s structure, ensuring it can withstand diverse terrains and usage conditions.

Through Nife’s All-Terrain E-Skateboard,
Streets Meet Innovation


with Afterconcepts


Increase in User Accessibility
Leveraging intuitive design to extend the product’s reach and facilitate ease of use for a wider audience..


Cost Efficiency in Development
Afterconcepts’ efficient project management and design strategies resulted in a more cost-effective


Reduction in Product Weight
Innovations in material science enabled a lighter, yet durable product, enhancing user comfort.

Client Testimonials

“Afterconcepts was the perfect choice for our project and We are already using them again for our next project. Very professional, on time with deliverables, and at a very reasonable rate. The team is very knowledgeable and had great suggestions and solutions for any road blocks we encountered. 5 stars across the board.”

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